Tui On Flowering Flax

Tui On Flowering Flax

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Tui are boisterous, medium-sized, common and widespread bird of forest and suburbia – unless you live in Canterbury.

They look black from a distance, but in good light tui have a blue, green and bronze iridescent sheen, and distinctive white throat tufts (poi).

They are usually very vocal, with a complicated mix of tuneful notes interspersed with coughs, grunts and wheezes.

In flight, their bodies slant with the head higher than the tail, and their noisy whirring flight is interspersed with short glides.

Tui on flowering flax metal art.

393mm x 600mm

All of our pieces can be placed either indoors or outdoors. For indoors make sure you choose the painted option unless you are going to seal it and paint it yourself as it will eventually rust. 

If you prefer the rusted look then you can leave it to rust naturally.

If you are wanting your piece for outdoors then we suggest choosing the Corten Steel option.

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