Steel Options

All of our artwork can be ordered in a range of finishes.


Most of our detailed pieces can only be cut from 2mm Mild NZ Steel. When placed outside this will rust & flake unless it is sealed. You can purchase a sealer from your local hardware store.
If you want your artwork to have the rusted look, then pop it outside and once it’s rusted you can then seal it to stop it rusting any further.
If you don’t want the rusted look you can either seal it to have the natural steel look or seal and paint it.
We use the Rustoleum brand of paint which can be purchased from most hardware stores.


Our sealed option is a brushed silver look. We strip the steel back (remove the oil) and seal it with Penetrol which is a sealer/primer. You can then place your artwork outside and not worry about it rusting or you can paint over the top.


Our painted & powder coated pieces are generally black but if you would like another colour then please feel free to email us.

These pieces can be placed outdoors but please bare in mind that if you screw through the artwork then the dampness can get into the steel and it will eventually start to rust. 


Also known as weathering steel Corten is designed to rust but not flake and rust away like Mild Steel.
We cut our Corten artwork out of 2.5mm & 3mm gauge.

Our Corten pieces are not pre-rusted. If you want them to rust quickly place them outside and spray them with white vinegar to speed up the process.


Our collapsible firepits are cut from 3mm & 4mm Mild Steel and our welded firepits are cut from 3mm Corten Steel


We suggest using a small nail or screw and use one of the existing cutouts to hang your artwork. Alternatively a magnet works well also which can be purchased from Mitre 10.

All of our designs can be cut larger than advertised. If you would like a different size them please contact us